Bariatric Surgery Helps Woman Manage Diabetes

Bariatric surgery offers more than drastic weight loss – it helps patients manage chronic diseases. Terry Colley lost a lot of weight after bariatric surgery, and learned how much easier it was to manage diabetes.

Dr  Thomas Wallace Talks About Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

Dr. Thomas Wallace, Electrophysiologist with CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute, talks about the symptoms, risks and treatments for Atrial Fibrillation (AFib).

Dr. Muhammad Waqas Discusses Pulmonary Hypertension

Dr. Muhammad Waqas, Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Specialist explains the symptoms and treatments for pulmonary hypertension, which is high blood pressure in the lungs.

Dr. Morris Kelley, Interventional Cardiologist, Discusses Heart Attack Awareness

Get to know the symptoms, risks and treatments for heart disease. Do not delay getting evaluated if you have symptoms related to your heart.

Nursing Students Commit to CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs

CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs signed 10 National Park College nursing students to the Pathway Program. Students selected commit to work for two years upon completion of their respective coursework and licensure.

AFib Increases Stroke Risk, Early Detection Key

When you have a problem with the speed and patterns of your heartbeat, chances are good you're suffering from atrial fibrillation, or AFib. What do you do about it?

Open Heart Surgery Saves 28-Year-Old Cyclist

Cyclist Caleb Harris hadn't been to the doctor in 10 years. When he finally did go, he found out that he needed open-heart surgery. "Caleb is the youngest person I've ever seen with this condition," said Dr. Forrest Glover.

Pulmonary Hypertension Specialist Helps Extend Life

A woman was diagnosed five and a half years ago with pulmonary hypertension. She's a miracle because the life expectancy after diagnosis is three years.

Nurse and Mother Delays Mammogram Then Finds Cancer

Experienced nurse, mother of four finally gets mammogram to find breast cancer. Now she encourages women to get their mammograms regularly.

Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery Offers Many Advantages

When it comes to heart surgery, minimally invasive means smaller incisions that avoid more complex operations such as open-heart surgery.

Leg Pain? Experts Dr. Ghosheh and Dr. Hacioglu Discuss Vascular Issues

When it comes to cardiac health, vascular diseases like peripheral artery disease (PAD) and venous insufficiency are common and sometimes overlooked.

Woman Finds Breast Cancer Two Months Before Wedding

Kristin found a lump in her breast just before her wedding. After a double mastectomy, a wedding, finishing her doctorate and giving birth to her daughter, she plans to continue treatment.

Staying on Her Feet is no Longer Painful for Patient with Peripheral Artery Disease

Treatment for an often overlooked vascular disease ended Dale Smith's leg pain and brought her life back to normal.

Recognizing the Symptoms of a Heart Attack Saved Nicole Kaemmerling

When Nicole Kaemmerling felt a crushing pain in her chest, she did not hesitate, but went straight to the emergency room.

Early Detection Helps Local Pulitzer Nominated Writer Strike Out Cancer

Jerry Jay Carroll is a writer who attributes his three successful bouts with cancer to preventative medicine and regular check-ups.

Tanie Green visits Dr. Yalcin Hacioglu for Relief from Leg Pain

Tanie Green's legs were often swollen and painful. Dr. Yalcin Hacioglu treated her for Chronic Venous Insufficiency. It changed her life.

How to Stay Healthy at Any Age

Take our short quiz to help you determine the most important screenings based on your age and gender.

Little Rock DJ Learns to Listen

Sonta Jean, the KOKY Queen, has undergone two surgeries at CHI St. Vincent to seal brain aneurysms. She is a living testament to listening to your body.

High School Athlete Seeks Help to Walk On

Brooks Walton hopes CHI St. Vincent and D1 Training can help him walk on at Auburn University. He suffered a slight ACL tear in high school at Pulaski Academy.

Robot Makes Removing Pre-cancerous Cells Much Easier

Robotic assisted surgery using the Da Vinci Robot can help physicians pinpoint and perform surgery with incredible accuracy.