Podcast Episode 1: I Had "Weighted" Long Enough

In this episode of "A View From The Bed," a podcast by CHI St. Vincent, we talk to Jennifer, a bariatric surgery patient, about her weight loss journey.

What Patients Can Expect with Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Brandon Ingram, Bariatric, General Surgeon, explains what a patient can expect with weight loss surgery.

How Weight Can Impact Cardiovascular Health

Being overweight has a direct negative effect on your heart health. Dr. Jason Pelton, Interventional Cardiologist, describes symptoms that may indicate there is a heart issue.

Should I have weight loss surgery?

Obesity is not just a cosmetic problem. It can lead to long-term serious health problems.

Should I have weight loss surgery? Part 2

Obesity is a condition that can lead to serious health complications. If this is not successful, weight loss surgery may be a good option.

Should I have weight loss surgery? Part 3

Morbid obesity can lead to long-term chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Losing weight is an important part of reducing risk for these conditions.

DIET (The Four Letter Word)

Don’t look at food as a temptation, rather a controlled situation. You must be in control of your food and not allow your food to be in control of you. Don’t look at exercise as a drudgery, rather a fun activity. Find something you like and get active!

I never realized how bad I felt until I had the gastric sleeve surgery

My starting weight was 226 lbs at 5' tall with a BMI of 44. I am three years out weighing 116 lbs with a normal BMI of 22. I recovered very quickly from surgery and never had any complications.

I was 59 and miserable. I had reached the point of giving up on the weight loss struggle.

I was 59 and miserable. I had reached the point of giving up on the weight loss struggle. I'd tried everything over the years, pointlessly. A great friend suggested I check into the gastric sleeve. I did and my life was about to be changed.

I lost a total of 106 lbs over the course of a year. What I gained in its place is priceless.

I had heard about the gastric sleeve surgery through a co-worker and decided to attend a seminar where I spoke at length with the surgeon about my history and concerns. I did a lot of research and soul searching and finally decided to move forward..

Our bariatric story began when my husband and I became interested in a procedure performed at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs

Rob and I went into the program completely open-minded with the goal of not only losing weight but “feeling” better, becoming more active and spending many more positive years together as a couple.

The best of my journey is just beginning!

I lost 93 pounds. My goal of being an active, healthy "Gran T" has been achieved. The best of my journey is just beginning!