Virtual Visits

Access Your Provider from Anywhere

Now you can schedule a virtual visit, telehealth, or telemedicine appointment with your current provider over a virtual platform that is easy to use. It’s just another way we want to ensure you have the access you need to the providers you already have a relationship with.


It is a safe and easy way to see and talk to a provider about your health care concerns. Our providers can provide care management for new and established conditions as well as provide annual wellness visits.

Current Patients

If you are already seeing one of our providers, call your provider's office to schedule a telehealth or virtual visit.

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New Patients

If you are a new patient, simply contact one of our clinic locations and they can get you scheduled with a provider for telehealth and virtual visits.

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Covered by Insurance

Most insurances are currently covering the costs of virtual visits and telemedicine. Uninsured patients will pay $49 per visit.