A View from the Bed:

A Patient’s Perspective


At CHI St. Vincent, we know it’s important for individuals to have access to the information they need to make informed decisions regarding their health and procedures they may need. We know that one of the most powerful ways people make decisions is through word-of-mouth encounters and reviews about that service or procedure - and that’s what our podcast is all about!

Our podcast, called “A View from the Bed” is all about having honest conversations with patients, allowing them to share their experiences about their healthcare journey; the good, the bad and everything in between. We hope our podcast is a valuable resource for individuals to get the additional insight they need to make their own healthcare decisions.


Upcoming Episodes:


Episode 1: I Had "Weighted" Long Enough
     A discussion with Jennifer Rice, a bariatric surgery patient, about her weight-loss journey and her experience with weight loss surgery.

Episode 2: HeartSmart was a Restart
    We chatted with Patrick Murphy, a cardiac bypass patient, about how an arbitrary recommendation from his primary card doctor led to a heart screening, which discovered a need for a bypass procedure (CABG procedure) which may have saved his life.

Episode 3: A Nudge from Above
     We talked with Missy Harris, a colorectal cancer surgery patient, about her unconventional path to screening, her diagnosis, and her road to recovery.

View from the Bed Podcast

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