Prioritizing Heart Care for Women in Arkansas

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women in Arkansas, but nearly 80-percent of cardiac events can be prevented with early detection and proper care. Learning to live a heart healthy lifestyle is about more than eating well, exercising and cutting out bad habits like smoking, though. It also means learning to understand how your heart works, recognizing the symptoms when something might be wrong and seeking out the heart care you need before a condition worsens.

“When we're under a lot of stress, there are a lot of changes in our neural hormones and that puts strain on our heart physiologically. Women need to understand that,” says Dr. Nazneen Tata, an interventional cardiologist with the heart team at CHI St. Vincent Heart Clinic Arkansas in Hot Springs. “You know we're good at nagging, but we had to take our own medicine sometimes.”

CHI St. Vincent knows that Arkansas women are the wives, mothers, daughters and sisters often tasked with making the health care decision for their home and family. That’s also why they need to put their health care first so they can continue to take care of those around them. Dr. Tata says the biggest benefits of regular, consistent heart care and building a close relationship with your cardiologist are measured in a patient’s quality of life. “When you can enjoy the time you have to the best of your ability, I think people recognize that and I have seen people turn around their lives.”

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