Key to a Healthy Heart is a Good Relationship with Your Cardiologist

Ingrid's story illustrates how a solid relationship can discover a cure.  

Ingrid Planje native of Germany, resident of Hot Springs never went into hospitals. But two years ago,  "I had an incident where I had memory loss for five hours." But when in the ER she was asked if she had a heart doctor and she said no and then her male nurse said those fateful words,  "I know the best one
and she will be here in a minute."

Cardiologist, Nazneen Tata, MD knew she had a challenge. 

"She was a very strong-willed woman and I don't think
she recognized what her health problems were.

Ingrid had uncontrolled blood pressure, a mini stroke, palpitations and the stress of being in a hospital. Dr. Tata worked on Ingrid's mindset and in the process the two became close. 

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