A Destination for Neurosurgery Training


Neurosurgeons and residents travel from all over the United States and the world to participate in training courses, including Cavernous Sinus tumor removal. Dr. Ali Krisht, Director of the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute at CHI St. Vincent, developed a surgical technique that allows them to travel through the sinus to extract the tumors.

Utilizing ANI Lab Director, Dr. Emad Aboud’s, patented “Aboud Model”, these visiting surgeons were able to practice this unique surgical technique on cadavers and gain real-life operating experience. This method provides a condition that simulates live surgery in terms of bleeding, pulsation and liquid filling of the vascular tree. It is distinctive and of great practical value for training in a wide range of surgical procedures.


M.G. Yasargil Neurosurgical Research & Education Center

The new center features the Margaret Clark Auditorium, the M.G. Yasargil Neurosurgical Research and Education Center and O. AL-Mefty Microneurosurgery Laboratory.  The education and research center and laboratory are named after two of Dr. Krisht’s mentors and fellow recipients of the prestigious international Herbert Olivecrona Award for contributions to the field of neurosurgery.


Arkansas Neuroscience Institute Trains more than 200 Surgeons Each Year!


O. Al-Mefty Microneurosurgery Laboratory

The Arkansas Neuroscience Institute Lab is a state-of-the-art microsurgical laboratory fully equipped with stations that include:

  • Microscopes
  • High Definition Flat Screens
  • Micro-Instrument Sets
  • Head Holder Frames
  • High Speed Drills
  • 3D Projection of Demonstration