A Grand Opening to Remember

CHI St. Vincent Arkansas Neuroscience Institute unveiled its new Research and Education Center on June 14 during the grand opening of our destination Neuroscience Campus, the first in this region of the country. Guests gathered together from around the world including more than 60 distinguished visitors and physicians from 27 countries.  Featured speakers included Chad Aduddell, CEO, and Dr. Ali Krisht, ANI Director.

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Arkansas Neuroscience Institute Research and Education Center

Our Neuroscience program treats patients from all 75 counties in Arkansas and all 50 states.  We strive to advance the field of neuroscience by educating and collaborating with neurosurgeons from around the globe to develop the skills necessary to tackle the most complex cases and improve patient outcomes. 

The creation of the Neuroscience campus in central Arkansas involved the renovation of CHI St. Vincent North and the design and construction of the research and education facility. It is the culmination of a $30-million project, including over $4 million in philanthropic investments.



The new center features the Margaret Clark Auditorium, the M.G. Yasargil Neurosurgical Research and Education Center and O. AL-Mefty Microneurosurgery Laboratory.  The education and research center and laboratory are named after two of Dr. Krisht’s mentors and fellow recipients of the prestigious international Herbert Olivecrona Award for contributions to the field of neurosurgery.

ANI hosted the inaugural Symposium at the new facility Saturday, June 15 through Sunday, June 16 and will offer additional courses throughout the year drawing more than 400 visiting physicians and fellows from around the world.


A New Destination for Neurosurgery

We have built a state-of-the art Education and Research Center where the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute team will focus on improving treatment outcomes, mapping the human brain and training tomorrow's surgeons. 

Neurosurgeons from the Mayo Clinic, University of Illinois, Emory University, Creighton University and others from around the world travel here to learn the skills necessary to tackle the most complex cases to further impact outcomes.