If you are an individual with a degree and are looking for a career change, the CHI St. Vincent School of Radiologic Technology may be for you. In addition to the traditional degree route of college instruction followed by the two-year program of Radiologic Technology, we have many individuals that have successfully completed degrees and careers but are interested in pursuing a career change. Our program has benefitted from these past students. Here are a few examples of our past graduates:

  • College graduates, who have successfully completed an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, English, urban affairs, etc. and following graduation did not find fulfillment in their intended employment paths.
  • Veterans that were seeking an additional career. After successfully completing a twenty-year career in the military, we have individuals that were seeking a career change and new direction.
  • Second career individuals, who are interested in a stable employment path. We have had various individuals that have suffered lay-offs and downsizing; these people were interested in finding careers that are employable across the country and the world throughout a changing economic climate.
  • Mothers and fathers interested in re-entering the workforce. After successfully raising children, we have individuals that were seeking an interesting career with diverse opportunities for employment and flexible hours that would continue to support a family focus.

Individuals, who have an associate’s degree or higher, are eligible, to apply to the Radiologic Technology Program as independent students. The existing degree will not need to be focused in the sciences; arts, English, general education degrees are acceptable. Independent students can complete the 24month program and upon completion are eligible for the ARRT certification in Radiography. Independent students are not eligible for financial aid; however, quarterly payment plans are available. If the independent student should wish to accumulate college credit hours while enrolled in our program; they would need to register as a U of A-PTC student. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the school at 552-2997.

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