How Being Overweight Can Lead to Long-Term Serious Health Issues

Brandon Ingram
Obesity is not just a cosmetic concern, it can also lead to long-term serious health problems. Dr. Brandon Ingram, General and Bariatric Surgeon, talks about this common condition.

"Being overweight has many negative effects on the body. It causes many comorbidities like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis. There's been several studies to show that being overweight for a long period of time can actually decrease your lifespan," said Dr. Ingram.

Dr. Ingram recommends if you're in the overweight or obese category and certainly in the morbidly obese category, the first step you should take is to modify your diet.

"Making dietary changes and including exercise in that is going to be the first step toward a healthier life. After many attempts at weight loss on your own, bariatric surgery is going to be the most effective mode of weight loss," said Dr. Ingram.