Benefits of Robotic Surgery


Robotic assisted surgery combines the surgeon’s expertise with the precision of robotic instruments.

“Robotic surgery is basically laparoscopic surgery that’s enhanced by the use of a robot,” says James Walker, M.D., general and robotic surgeon at the CHI St. Vincent Surgery Clinic in Little Rock.

“A robot is a piece of equipment that we use to see better on the inside because we have 3D vision instead of two-dimensional laparoscopic vision. Recovery for most of our surgeries is several days faster compared to laparoscopic and several weeks faster as compared to open," Dr. Walker added.

Dr. Walker said it’s beneficial for patients to have a surgeon with expertise with the robot because the effects are more long lasting than just recovery.

"Getting people over surgery, getting them back to work, getting them back to their families is the most important part of what we do," said Dr. Walker.