How Cardiologists Determine If a Patient Needs a Stent

Chest pain, shortness of breath and fatigue should never be ignored. Dr. Yuba Acharya, Interventional Cardiologist, explains how to determine the cause of the symptoms.

"If this test indicates that there’s a possibility of having major artery blockage, then you go for a coronary angiogram, or what we call a heart cath," said Dr. Acharya.

He said this is when they determine if the patient needs a stent or not.

"A heart cath is the main test you'll have to do. It’s a procedure where you have to go into the body, into the heart, put in a catheter and do the angiogram test. We use a dye that helps you visualize the blocked artery. That’s when do you determine whether they need a stent or not," said Dr. Acharya.