Raising Awareness About Breast Cancer

Evidenced by the rise in pink clothing, ribbons and other accessories, breast cancer awareness is synonymous with the month of October. However, the need for women to stay proactive in regards to their breast health remains year-round. According to the American Cancer Society, approximately one in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

“Breast health is all year round and all women can be affected by breast cancer,” said CHI St. Vincent breast surgeon Dr. Sirinya Prasertvit. “If there are any issues with your breast, we want to get them taken care of as soon as possible.”

Early detection is the key when it comes to battling breast cancer and that means preventative care with self-exams and routine mammograms, which can detect breast cancer long before it causes symptoms. It also means knowing your family history with breast cancer to determine if you are at high risk.

“In that regard, here at CHI St. Vincent we also have a high risk breast program where we survey, monitor and do exams along with our breast center,” said Dr. Prasertvit.

Dr. Prasertvit is part of the team of radiologists, pathologists, oncologists and support groups at the CHI St. Vincent Breast Center, which offers the full range of breast care, including education, screening, diagnostics and surgical consultation. To learn more about how breast cancer is screened, diagnosed and treated, schedule an appointment at the CHI St. Vincent Breast Center in Little Rock.