CHI St. Vincent’s Team Approach to Heart Care

Making up the state’s largest network of heart specialists, the team of leading cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons at the CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute prides itself on a collaborative approach to heart care. It’s not about one doctor exclusively providing treatment to a patient, but rather everyone working together to ensure the best possible outcome.

“Whether it’s the middle of the night or middle of the day, I know I can give anybody on our team a call for support,” said Dr. Jason Pelton, an interventional cardiologist with the CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute in Hot Springs. “Being somewhat of a new attending physician, I think that’s been very beneficial not only in the grand scheme of the Heart Institute, but also locally here in Hot Springs.”

Dr. Pelton is part of the team of cardiologists at the CHI St. Vincent Heart Clinic in Hot Springs. In addition to educating patients about their heart condition, Dr. Pelton and his fellow cardiologists also work closely with our cardiovascular surgeons to determine the best course of action and provide the full continuum of care.

“Since we cover such a large area and such a huge population in Southwest Arkansas, it’s vital that we’re on the front line of that,” Dr. Pelton said. “We’re getting a lot of patients that don’t have anywhere else to go, so I think we serve a vital role in that aspect.”

Providing quality, compassionate care to patients is the ultimate goal for our cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons at the CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute. This collaborative approach to heart care also allows each patient to benefit from the entire team’s collective experience.

“Besides myself, there’s four other fantastic cardiologists here and they each have a lot of experience that I can draw upon,” Dr. Pelton said. “It’s been nice to know that they’re always there if I need some help.”

Including more than 50 heart specialists and a full support team, the CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute has the diversity of experience and expertise necessary to treat each patient’s specific condition. With this wide range of specialties, our heart patients get comprehensive care tailored to their individual health concerns and wellbeing.

“Because all of us are interventional trained, not only do we practice general cardiology, but we also do nuclear cardiology, echocardiology and high-risk interventions,” said Dr. Pelton. “If there’s something about the disease that we don’t manage here in Hot Springs like TAVR and MitraClip procedures, we have the option to send those patients to the CHI St. Vincent Infirmary (in Little Rock). I can call anybody there anytime if I need a patient seen quickly.”

Shifting the focus from procedure to program and from individual doctor to a team of specialists and primary care physicians, the CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute is leading the way in heart care. From aggressive diagnostic routines to the latest surgical procedures and heart health education, we offer comprehensive care close to home.

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