Focused on Healing Chronic Wounds

We want to make sure you are taking care of yourself especially during this time of COVID-19. And what better way to do that than focusing on National Wound Care Awareness Week.

David Dean,MD, is the Medical Director of CHI St. Vincent Wound Center, and his team treats the sores that won't heal.

"Most of the wounds we see come to us about a month after first appearing.But that's way too long. If you've had a wound more than seven or ten days and it's worsening, you need to be in the wound center." - said, Dr. Dean.

Treating wounds early on keeps people out of the Emergency Room and out of the hospital. Virtual Visits with the Wound Center are available. They haven't replaced what we are doing, but they've certainly made it safer for the people that are coming in that are on a positive trajectory. If your problem is headed the other way and it’s worsening, there's no substitute for in-person care.