How Virtual Visits Work - Primary Care Doctor, Keith Cooper, MD, Explains

One of the repercussions of the COVID-19 siege is that we're not going in to see our doctors and there has been an explosion now, because of that, of telemedicine and Virtual Visits.

Primary Care Physician, Dr. Keith Cooper of CHI St. Vincent points out that Virtual Visits lend themselves to a nice face-to-face discussion with someone that you know.

"We are able to put people's mind at ease, that we're still here for them."

What should a patient be prepared to share during a Virtual Visit?

"We really need a lot of information from the patient about their symptoms. If they have a thermometer at home and are able to check their temperature. It's helpful if they have their own blood-pressure cuff. That way they can share some vital signs with us "

To schedule a Virtual Visit, call your doctor's office.

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