Knee Replacement Surgery Returns Man to Active Lifestyle

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We like to think this story will make you more diligent about your health. But, we are a distant second place to the greatest healthcare motivator of all -- pain. The story of Richard Hohman provides us with a perfect illustration. Hohman's short walk in sharp contrast to those nature walks he'd take with his wife and dogs.

"We'd take 'em for long hikes out through the woods and it became next to impossible," Hohman said. Visions of needing to visit CHI St. Vincent in Hot Springs played in his head, but he suppressed them till the pain got too intense. "I said oh my gosh, I'm gonna have to go in this is just ruining my life," Hohman said. Though a resident of Mena, Richard drove to Hot Springs. He'd heard good things about Dr. Chris Young, Orthopedic Surgeon at CHI St. Vincent Orthopedic Clinic - Hot Springs.

"His X-rays showed he had worn the cartilage out, so he had bone on bone arthritis," Dr. Young said. Before getting to this point, Hohman's attempts at enduring the pain had cost him. "I ended up bowlegged and I lost an inch in height," Hohman said.

Hohman ended up with knee replacements, performed by Dr. Young at the CHI Center of Excellence for Joint Replacement. Hohman would call it three weeks since the operation and remarkably his knees are flexible enough to allow him to drive himself from Mena to Hot Springs and back. Four more rehab visits at the outpatient clinic in Mena and he's done. No pain, but there was on big gain.

"Since the surgery, I"m six feet again," Hohman said. "I'm standing tall." The doctor knows standing tall can often mean standing down to pain. "Ultimately our days on this earth are limited and it's about quality of life," Dr. Young said. Dr. Young shared with us that the biggest deterrent to arthritis pain and eventual surgery, is weight control. Keeping your weight down -- reduces the chances you'll need the gown.

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