Open Heart Surgery Saves 28-Year-Old Cyclist

As seen on THV 11

Caleb went to see his primary care physician for the first time in 10 years, a good thing. Upon listening to his heart just in the physical examination, his doctor could tell something was wrong. The PCP demanded Caleb get an echocardiogram.

We had to pay for that visit out of pocket," Harris said. "And I ended up making the joke, if you don't find anything do I get my money back?" Well, what he got was Dr. Forrest Glover, interventional cardiologist at CHI St. Vincent Heart Clinic Arkansas-Stuttgart.

He had severe leakage of his mitral valve. Leakage that could only be repaired with open heart surgery. "Caleb is the youngest person I've ever seen with this condition," states Dr. Glover. Caleb was only 28, but his heart had to get fixed or else risk serious consequences.

Two and a half months after successful surgery, Dr. Glover has his theories on how this happened. "You never know 100 percent, but the likelihood is that this is a condition that Caleb was born with," said Dr. Glover.

And Caleb is amazed."My heart is so much quieter now that I have to check and make sure that it is still beating," he joked. Caleb got a wonderful repair and this will likely never be a problem for him again. Caleb is on the outside looking in. A chapter in his life he hopes is well behind him knowing it was a turning point for him and his wife.

"It really was a huge moment to understand not only the gravity of the situation, but the gravity of how much this solution helped us," recalls Caleb, It changed our lives."

Dr. Glover said that the recovery has been incredibly short because Harris is so young. He had open-heart surgery three months ago. He was back at work after four and a half weeks and has taken his first recovery ride.

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