Urology Sees Success With Aquablation Therapy and Urolift

littlejohnAn enlarged prostate is common and can cause uncomfortable urinary symptoms in men, but there are a variety of treatment options. 

According to Dr. Nathan Littlejohn, Urologist, his approach with BPH is to treat it with conservative management first like just avoiding different fluids, factors that can worsen the symptoms. This is followed by medications then there are procedure options.

"This is a really exciting time in the Urology department. We have expanded our approaches to BPH in the last several years including things like Urolift and Aquablation Therapy," said Dr. Littlejohn.

Patients who do Aquablation Therapy are sent home the very next day after their procedure. They have catheters for approximately 48 hours. For Urolift, 98% of them go home without a catheter, and 100% have gone home the same day.