Benefits of Cardiac Rehab at CHI St. Vincent

brian frame
After a heart attack, heart or valve surgery, or other cardiac disease, CHI St. Vincent offers cardiac rehab. Brian Frame, Exercise Physiologist, explains the benefits of cardiac rehab.

"Cardiac rehab is designed to help patients get stronger, give them a comfortable place to exercise," said Frame.

Frame said throughout cardiac rehab, blood pressure is monitored before and after, and heart rhythm is monitored live. It's an insurance paid program for 36 sessions, 3 days a week. 

According to Frame, 80-90% of people who go through cardiac rehab do not have a re-entry into the hospital for the same issue that they went in for. He said there are also patients who continue with them after they've graduated, for 15-20 years. 

"They're getting their life back. They're stronger, they're happier and things they thought they were never able to do, now they can do," Frame said.