Navigating the Breast Cancer Journey with New Outlook

From emotional and physical stamina to financial security and self image, a breast cancer diagnosis challenges patients in every conceivable way. Alesa Garner knows these challenges all too well, having battled breast cancer herself more than two decades ago.

“When I heard those words, I thought, ‘Oh my word, I have two teenage children. What in the world? What do I need to start planning?’ My diagnosis totally changed my life focus, my profession,” Garner said.

With first-hand experience of her own, Garner now works as a breast navigator with the CHI St. Vincent New Outlook Cancer Recovery Program. From the initial stages of screening and diagnosis through treatment and recovery, Garner serves as a guide to help patients navigate their way through the breast cancer journey.

“Anybody can tell medical facts and statistics and all that, but not everybody can sit down and go, ‘I know how you feel,’” she said.

The CHI St. Vincent New Outlook Cancer Recovery Program provides assistance in dealing with the effects of cancer and its treatment. Staffed by trained professionals and volunteers, New Outlook offers wigs and head scarves, makeover classes, support groups, referral services and private professional counseling.

Early detection is the key when it comes to battling breast cancer and the CHI St. Vincent Breast Center offers digital screening mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast MRI and ultrasound services to detect breast cancer early when it is most easily treated. To schedule a screening, call: 501.661.9766