Dr. Aravind Rao Discusses Heart Attacks and Risk Factors

As seen on KATV

Dr. Aravind Rao talked with KATV about the risk factors for heart attack. He also explained the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest.

How prevalent are heart attacks here in the state of Arkansas? 
Arkansas leads the nation in the number of heart attacks and deaths from heart attacks in the country.I think Mississippi was second but then there was a big change in the last few years. It is very prevalent in our state.

The reasons for higher prevalence is you know, the diet, genetics, poor medical care, access to care, people not taking care of their blood pressure and other risk factors. 

What is the difference between cardiac arrest and a heart attack?
Heart attack is when there is severe clot or blockage in the blood vessel that supplies blood to the heart and the heart doesn't get blood. A cardiac arrest is when the heart suddenly stops. 

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