Bringing Awareness to Colorectal Cancer

As seen on KARK TV

"Better safe than sorry." It's something we've heard countless times in our lives, a mantra to play it safe, but when it comes to scheduling a colonoscopy and getting screened for colon cancer, it's just plain smart. colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the US and second leading cause of death from cancer.

When asked why colorectal cancer is called the "silent killer," Dr. Lance Burns, Colorectal Surgeon at CHI St. Vincent Colorectal Surgery Clinic explains, "We see so many patients that come in and say, 'I never had any symptoms,' and they didn't get testing because of that. Most people do not present with symptoms."

Play it smart. If you are 45, schedule a colonoscopy. If you have a family history or are experiencing symptoms, talk to your doctor.

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