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We're with you - every step of the way

We evaluate, counsel and support our patients before, during, and after surgery. We understand that surgery is just the first step toward a better life. That’s why we are here for the duration to prepare patients for surgery, perform flawless procedures and then guide them through the post-surgery process of lifestyle change and planning to support weight loss, a healthy lifestyle change and long-term success.


Our Hot Springs Bariatric Team

Our Bariatric and Metabolic Specialists


Bariatrics, General Surgery
Primary Location
1 Mercy Lane, Suite 201, Hot Springs, AR 71913


Hot Springs Bariatric and Metabolic Program Coordinator

Christle Loudermilk, RN BSN

Christle will be your initial contact and facilitate your progress through our program - from initial intake to coordinating care and procedures to follow-up.



Hot Springs Bariatric and Metabolic Program Dietitian

Haley Hampton, MS RD LD

Haley is excited to be working with the bariatric program. She will work closely with you before and after surgery to help safely modify your diet and incorporate exercise.