Interview Process

Nurses who interview at CHI St. Vincent have the opportunity to meet the team they will be working with. Peer interviewing allows us to accomplish two goals: to make sure CHI St. Vincent is right for you and to make sure that the unit you are applying for is a place where you will feel the right fit. We want you to succeed in your career and working in the right environment with the right team is an essential part to you having the tools you need as you minister at CHI St. Vincent.

Orientation Process

Patient Care Orientation for new hire nurses is a comprehensive overview and assessment of the fundamental tools and knowledge necessary to provide excellent patient care. The resources and equipment available to CHI St. Vincent nursing staff are highlighted and reviewed during this time, along with discussions of current regulatory and compliance issues. We offer a RN Residency Program – aimed specifically at helping the new graduate nurse make the “transition” from student nurse to licensed nurse.

Additionally, as part of your development as a member of our nursing staff, an assessment of your performance capacity in the key areas of critical thinking and interpersonal skills will be completed. The assessment will guide the development and implementation of an individualized orientation plan to meet your specific learning and development needs.

Compact States

The Arkansas State Board of Nursing participates in the Nurse Licensure Compact which allows RNs and LPNs residing and licensed in one compact state the privilege of working in all other compact states.

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