CHI St. Vincent Health System requires a current institution Affiliation Agreement for all students to participate in clinical.


Students must confirm with their school's program director or instructor that a current Affiliation Agreement is in place and will remain current beyond the dates of the proposed student rotation.  An Affiliation Agreement must be specific to the school and to the program.  According to the Affiliation Agreement, the school and CHI St. Vincent policy requires that the student completes a physical exam and complete Hepatitis B series, annual TB, MMR vaccine or positive titer, varicella vaccination or a varicella titer. All students must complete a 10-panel drug screen and criminal background check. The school or student is responsible for the related fees associated with the criminal background check and drug testing. Documentation of the above requirements are to be held and verified by the learner's institution.


For programs that have a cohort (group) of more than six students, CHI St. Vincent will perform an immunization audit. The Clinical Student Manager will email an audit form to the institution. The form should be completed in its entirety and returned to the Clinical Student Manager in 24-48 hours. The date and time will be noted on the request email to the school.


If no current Affiliation Agreement is on record and you wish to pursue the establishment of a new agreement, you must contact the Student Clinical Manager by email at [email protected]

The process to obtain a new Affiliation Agreement can take a minimum of six months.