CHI St. Vincent Orthopedics Clinic - Arkadelphia


CHI St. Vincent Orthopedics Clinic - Arkadelphia


3004 Pine St., Arkadelphia, AR 71923

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1662 Higdon Ferry Road, Suite 300, Hot Springs, AR 71913

Injuries happen. If you’ve experienced a hard fall, accident, or sports activity that results in a sprain, broken bone, hernia, dislocation, or other type of bone and joint injury, then contact our local orthopedic clinic in Arkadelphia to get the right care.

Experienced specialists focus on your needs, creating a tailored care plan that helps you get back your mobility. We specialize in upper extremity (hand, elbow, shoulder surgery), hip and knee surgery (including joint replacement) and sports medicine (arthroscopy, meniscus repair, ACL surgery).

We help you understand how joints should work and what’s causing pain or limitations, so you’re able to make informed decisions about your care. Contact us to learn more about how our orthopedic team can help you regain your mobility.