CHI St. Vincent Imaging - Infirmary

Little Rock

CHI St. Vincent Imaging - Infirmary


2 St. Vincent Circle, Little Rock, AR 72205

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CHI St. Vincent offers patients and their physicians a full range of patient-friendly imaging services and technology, meeting the needs of your physician to give you the right care.

You and your physician have access to highly detailed and exceptionally high-quality images to diagnose and determine the right treatment for your illness or injury.

High resolution imaging is available at CHI St. Vincent to diagnose virtually every part of the human anatomy including cardiac, gastrointestinal, vascular, soft tissue, and bone.

The technology at CHI St. Vincent is designed for your comfort. CHI St. Vincent has imaging technology that requires very short breath-holds resulting in faster and easier imaging procedures for you.

Our goals are to give you high quality care, keep your examination time to a minimum and maximize your comfort.