CHI St. Vincent ARMOMS Women's Clinic - Bearden


CHI St. Vincent ARMOMS Women's Clinic - Bearden


150 School St, Bearden , AR 71720-0198

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1st and 3rd Mondays, 1-5pm

Thanks to the largest grant in the history of the ministry, CHI St. Vincent is able to work to improve access to vital, high quality prenatal care for pregnant women across Southwest Arkansas.

AR MOMS services offered include prenatal care, physical and mental wellbeing, parenting classes, counseling, sheltering, Medicaid applications, WIC/SNAP assistance, substance/alcohol abuse counseling and treatment, referrals for home visits after birth, and a breastfeeding specialist. 

All insurances are accepted.

You deserve to stay healthy while leading a full and eventful life. Contact our local women’s clinic in Bearden and set up an appointment for the right care at the right time.