CHI St. Vincent Morrilton
A history dating back to 1925.

Originally called St. Anthony’s, the Benedictine Sisters at St. Scholastica Monastery established the hospital as a 14-bed facility on December 4, 1925, initially using a private home belonging to the Burrows family of Morrilton. During the following 12 years, they moved twice, first to a Harding College dormitory (when that school, now Harding University, was located in Morrilton), then to the Jones Hospital building on N. West Street. (Jones Hospital had opened in 1920.) The sisters finally acquired their own building in 1937. When dedicated in 1937, the new facility had 29 rooms, a laboratory, and two operating rooms. A third story was added in 1949.

The next generation.

In 1965, Conway County voters approved bonds to build a new hospital in Morrilton. Conway County now St. Anthony’s Medical Center, was dedicated on April 4, 1970, and the former building was left vacant for more than 30 years. The original hospital now serves as senior housing.

In 1994, St. Anthony’s became a part of CHI St. Vincent and the hospital’s name was changed to CHI St. Vincent Morrilton in 2011.

Burrow House

Burrow House, 1925


St. Anthony's - 1937

St. Anthony's

St. Anthony's Sisters - 1937

Benedictine Sisters 

CHI St. Vincent Morrilton

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