Podcast Episode 5: A Step in the Right Direction

foot surgery podcast
Ron had battled arthritis for about 15 years in his feet and thumbs. While he said he could handle his hands, his feet pain became unbearable.

"I had really severe arthritis in my big toe joints. So they would not move. Every time normally when you walk, your toe flexes up, mine were rigid. So every step, it was grinding bone to bone and I started having feet problems," said Ron.

His primary care physician led him to Dr. Naval Patel, DPM

"I saw him and he wanted to fuse it. Oh, no, no, no, I don't wanna do that," said Ron.

He ended up going through with the plan which included a bunion removal and then a fusion on his right foot. Ron said he was back to work in 19 days. He said he was in so much pain prior to the surgery that afterwards it was an instant relief.

"I can't wait to do my left foot now," said Ron.

Ron described the pain in his foot prior to the surgery and said he had a hard time walking two blocks. This was something difficult not just physically, but emotionally as well for the mountain biker and avid walker. 

"I used to buy the cheapest shoes I could get. Dr. Patel explained to me about good shoes. So, you know, I pretty much just buy Merrill shoes now and he gave me special arch supports too. It takes away a lot of the fatigue and pain I used to have," said Ron. 

Losing the pain and fatigue also helped Ron lose weight. He said he's lost over 30 lbs and plans to lose about another 20 lbs.

"It's a big, life-changing decision. I wish I had done it years ago," said Ron. 

Besides walking away with better feet, Ron said he's also gained a friend in Dr. Patel. 

"He's really good doctor. Afterwards he gave me his cell phone number. He said if you have a problem,call me. I work at the Compassion Center and the organization he works with have done food drives for us and donated money. He wants to come work on a weekend with his son and and serve with us down there. So not only he's a good doctor, he's turned out to be a good friend," said Ron. 

Ron said this changed his life. He thought he may have to retire early or get on a walker, but thanks to Dr. Patel, he's still able to work and live his life more comfortably. 

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