Signs and Symptoms of Heart Disease

Mohammad Al-Sarie, M.D

Before causing a heart attack or stroke, heart disease often has subtle symptoms. “The signs and symptoms of developing heart disease in general include chest discomfort or chest pain, shortness of breath, or decreased tolerance for exercise,” says Mohammad Al-Sarie, MD. “Other symptoms are swelling of the legs, dizziness, fainting, and abnormally low or high heart rates.” 

If you have any of these signs, don’t assume this is part of aging. Talk to your doctor about any of these symptoms or what might put you at risk like your blood pressure, cholesterol, or family history. “In half of the patients, the first sign of heart disease is having a heart attack. And half of these heart attacks are fatal,” says Dr. Al-Sarie. 

The American Heart Association recommends starting screenings at the age of 20. Through early intervention, we aim at stopping the progression of the disease before it becomes symptomatic. 

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