Advanced Testing for Diagnosis of Heart Disease

Stephen Broughton, MD

For patients who have signs of developing heart disease, CHI St. Vincent has many of the advances in imaging technology to help diagnose the problem and its severity. “An EKG or ECG is an electrocardiogram, and it gives us the mapping of the electrical activity of your heart. And it can show us starting with the rhythm of the heart whether that’s normal. And it can also show us structural change in the heart,” says interventional cardiologist Stephen Broughton, MD.

“We use ultrasound frequencies to image the heart so that we can look at the heart in different views and evaluate its structure and function. And the function of the heart valve. Also with nuclear imaging, we inject you with the nuclear tracer and then use CT imaging to take pictures of your heart at rest and during stress,” says Dr. Broughton.

CHI St. Vincent Heart Clinic