Stretching Options for the Office


Sitting at a desk all day long can easily lead to stiff muscles and joints, which are susceptible to injuries. But Central Arkansas Rehab Manager Dejuan Daniel says there are many ways to keep yourself strong and flexible, even in a small office setting.

“I always tell them to take at least two minutes every hour to get up and make sure they move. Stand up and do some stretches right there at your desk,” says Dejuan. “Anything from bringing your arms up in the doorway to stretch out your chest to putting your hands on your desk and bending forward to stretch out your shoulders and lower back. And that could take 10 or 15 seconds. In cases where it feels really good, hold it for 30 seconds. With cold muscles, you shouldn’t do any kind of bouncing activity. Other than that, any type of stretching activity as long as you’re not feeling pain with it, it should be beneficial.”

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