CHI St. Vincent Coworker Shares Her Heart Health Testimonial

Marcella and Doctor Rayburn
Marcella Wiggins is the web administrator for CHI St. Vincent, but didn't think she'd add the title, cardiac bypass patient, as well. 

"In the fall of last year, some coworkers and I had a cardiology work-up and that's when I found out I had a problem, but I put it off until I couldn't walk across the parking lot here without being winded," Marcella Wiggins, said.

Wiggins told a coworker of her symptoms and the coworker took her straight to the emergency department. 

"She had major blockages on her heart. This could've resulted in sudden death. We're blessed that she was smart enough to say something's not right and I need to have some attention to this, and then she got the right treatment," Dr. Thomas "Samuel" Rayburn, Cardiac Surgeon, said. 

"I didn't follow their suggestions back when I was first screened. I put it off and I almost killed myself," said Wiggins.