Give thanks!


By Debra Staton, Wellness Coordinator for the Arkansas Health Network

November is National Gratitude Month. Practicing gratitude can continue during the rest of the months as well.

Can showing gratitude actually help in reducing our stress? It turns out, by being appreciative, we can actually decrease our cortisol level (stress hormone) which in turn decreases our stress. An “attitude of gratitude” releases dopamine in the brain and can definitely impact our mental and physical health.

In order to promote a healthy workplace, we want to create a culture of overall wellness,
including our mind, body & spirit. While proper nutrition and exercise is a vital piece of our wellness, we must remember our healthy and happy mindset.

The power of gratitude is a tool we all have within us. Let’s put that gratitude in action and improve our overall well- being! Begin by taking the “30 Day Gratitude Challenge” and start
cultivating the power of gratitude.