Recognizing the Signs of a Stroke

Little Rock is in the middle of what is called the "stroke belt." It's a region in which strokes are extremely prevalent. Dr. Ali Krisht, Neurosurgery, says it's important to know the signs of a stroke so that you can react immediately. 

The common types of symptoms include problems with speech like suddenly you feel like your speech is slurred and you can't find the right words, numbness, weakness, or suddenly a part of your body is not functioning the way you want it to.

"It can present with a facial droop, you feel like part of your face is not moving. Other strokes can lead to dizziness and vertigo and balance problem," said Dr. Krisht.

Dr. Krisht also recommends when you have a symptom of a stroke to have a high index of suspicion and if you can, call 911 immediately.