Advancements in Cancer Treatment Improve Patient Outcomes

Advancements in cancer treatment continue to improve the outcomes of patients at CHI St. Vincent. Dr. Anuradha Kunthur, Hematology/Oncology is part of the group of the Hematology and Oncology team at CHI St. Vincent Cancer Center - Little Rock. She is focused on not only treating cancer, but keeping the patient's best interest in mind.

Dr. Kunthur believes if you can catch cancer early, you can treat the patient and cure them. She also talks about new treatments like immunotherapy.

"There are a lot of new treatments like immunotherapy where the immune treatments activates your immune system and the immune system can kill the cancer. We also have lot of targeted therapy for different kinds of cancer," said Dr. Kunthur.

Cancer specialists like Kunthur are doing next generation sequencing on the patient’s tumor. In this, they can identify the targetable mutations to treat patients with the right medicine so that they don’t have the side effects from chemotherapy.