DIET (The Four Letter Word)

By Debra Staton, Wellness Coordinator for the Arkansas Health Network
Wellness Coordinator

For many people, losing weight can be difficult. The promise of easily shedding pounds is touted in books, magazines and television. Society is overwhelmed by the noise when it comes to nutrition and fitness. They make it sound so magical!

Have you thought about “diet” as a four letter word? Try changing the way you look it. Now D-I-E-T can stand for Don’t Ignore Eating Today & Don’t Ignore Exercising Today.

There are many obstacles that can get in the way on the journey to losing weight.  One barrier is having the correct mindset. If someone is not ready for a change, chances are they will not stick with their plan. If someone chooses to make a change, they will be more successful. A person needs to look at the whole body approach: mind, body and spirit.

The focus is learning how to take control. You must make the choice and learn how to be in control. Don’t look at food as a temptation, rather a controlled situation. You must be in control of your food and not allow your food to be in control of you. Don’t look at exercise as a drudgery, rather a fun activity. Find something you like and get active!

It sounds simple to remove all tempting foods and replace them with healthier alternatives. However, this is not always realistic. We are surrounded by bakeries on every corner, along with tantalizing foods and decadent desserts at every restaurant. Totally depriving yourself might mean you will binge later.

If you want something and you cannot have it, chances are you will want it more than ever. Remember, you and no one else is in control of how you are going to handle the situation. Your mindset will influence your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

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