Healthy Eating Habits for the Holidays

With time off from work or school, opportunities to reconnect with family and tasty feasts, the holiday season truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year. However, the large meals and sweet treats that are synonymous with holiday celebrations can also lead to weight gain and a number of health concerns.

“There are so many things related to your health that can be tied to your weight,” said CHI St. Vincent general and bariatric surgeon Dr. Brandon Ingram. “Whether that’s from diabetes, high blood pressure - we all know the common ones - but there are also several types of cancers that have been related to being overweight.”

While it can be challenging to maintain a strict diet throughout the holiday season, a commitment to moderation will allow you to enjoy the tastes you love without sacrificing your weight or overall health.

“Less is more at this time,” Dr. Ingram said. “You want to try it all but, again, everything in moderation and if you’re going to eat too much in one meal, make sure it’s not the last meal of the day right before you settle down and go to bed.”

When weight gain reaches its peak and can’t be managed with healthy eating practices and routine exercise, Dr. Ingram offers a solution in the form of bariatric surgery. Following a vertical sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery to restrict food intake, the bariatric program at CHI St. Vincent also includes dietary instruction and education to teach patients what to eat and how much to eat.