Advancing Breast Cancer Screening in Southwest Arkansas

Even with regular self-exams, the importance of annual clinical mammograms cannot be overstated. With advanced detection technology, mammograms can identify breast cancer in its earliest stages, allowing earlier diagnosis and treatment. However, finding a breast center for regular screenings can be challenging for many women in rural and less populated communities across Arkansas.

That’s why the Mobile Mammography Unit from CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs makes regular tours through Southwest Arkansas, providing convenient access to mammograms for women and communities without nearby access to a breast center. The Mobile Mammography Unit utilizes 3D mammography technology, which can detect up to 40 percent more instances of invasive breast cancer. As the second leading cause of death for women in the United States, early detection with a 3D mammogram is the best defense against breast cancer.

“It’s the same unit we use at the breast center, the same technology, same imaging,” said Kathy Davidson, lead technologist/mammographer at the CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs Women’s Center. “We’ll travel two and a half to three hours from Hot Springs if we need to.”

Davidson and the team at the CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs Women’s Center provide comprehensive health services for women at every age, including routine and preventative care, prenatal care and childbirth, treatment of menopause symptoms and advanced treatment of gynecological conditions.

For more information visit, or call: 501.622.2174