Fall into Fitness

By Debra Staton, Wellness Coordinator for the Arkansas Health Network
Wellness Coordinator

Why wait until the new year to start a fitness routine? Fall into fitness now!

This is a great opportunity to set some smart goals for the next three months. You will have a head start and feel great when the new year rolls around. There’s still three months left—plenty of time to achieve some fitness goals.

Let fall inspire you to make those changes! What a great time to be outdoors and take in the crisp air and warm rich colors around us.

We are still in the midst of COVID and flu season, but we can fight this—and exercise is a great way to build your immunity.

Here are just a few ways to “fall” into fitness:

  • Walking is a great fall workout! Find a new walking path while taking in those breathtaking fall colors.
  • How about a bike ride? I call this my “peddle pump” for my heart. It is just downright fun and good for your heart!
  • Hiking can be a great way to get your cardio going, and it uses a variety of muscle groups.
  • Ditch the treadmill, and try running outside.
  • Fitness classes can be fun outdoors! Get a group together and do your workout in the park.

Take this time to renew your mind, body and spirit!