Advancing Heart Care Resources for Southwest Arkansas

CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs
When facing a heart attack, coronary artery disease or other cardiac condition, you want the best cardiovascular care available. That’s why CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs works daily to earn its place as the premier heart care facility in Southwest Arkansas with comprehensive heart care services and the latest in technology in one convenient location.

“Southwest Arkansas is a big area with very limited resources, but our cardiology group is proud to provide service to almost the entire region,” said Dr. Yuba Acharya, cardiologist at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs. “It’s our mission to provide excellent care to those who need it at the hospital, through our outreach clinics and through telemedicine services.”

While CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs and the CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs Heart Center each reside in the middle of Garland County, the team of cardiologists and heart specialists provide services to patients from across the southwest region of Arkansas. From Arkadelphia and Gurdon to Amity and Glenwood, CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs provides exceptional heart care resources for many communities where patients may have limited local options.

“Patients in those areas are still having heart attacks, they’re still having problems and they still need care,” Dr. Acharya said. “It can be challenging with the geographical differences at times, but with telemedicine and other guidelines, we can ensure that patients get quality and timely care.”

The team of cardiologists at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs is also part of the state’s largest and most diverse network of heart specialists with the CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute, which provides comprehensive care to patients in Hot Springs, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Searcy and Conway. The CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute also includes more than 25 community locations.

“We have one goal and the goal is all about the patient,” said CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs cardiologist Dr. Oyidie Igbokidi. “It’s a uniform medical care that we’re providing and we’re leading the way in heart care by shifting from procedure driven to program driven. It’s not just an individual doctor, but a team of specialists working together to provide comprehensive care to our patients.”

As part of the CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute, the cardiologists and heart surgeons at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs are leading the way in heart care and advancing resources for patients in Southwest Arkansas with aggressive diagnostic routines, the latest surgical procedures and heart health education.

“Even though we’re here in Hot Springs and others are in North Little Rock or the CHI St. Vincent Infirmary, it really feels like one team,” Dr. Igbokidi said. “We’re proud to provide that care to the Southwest Arkansas region. What matters is putting patients first.”

Whether you need emergency services or long-term care for ongoing heart conditions, your heart health is our highest priority at CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute. We provide quality and compassionate care for high blood pressure, arrhythmias, heart valve disease and heart failure. To learn more about heart care in Southwest Arkansas and our wide range of heart services available across the state, visit: