2021 New Year: New Beginnings, New Hope

By Debra Staton, Wellness Coordinator for the Arkansas Health Network

Wellness Coordinator

As we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021, we do it with new hope. This has been a challenging year around the globe and has affected us all.

Making a New Year’s resolution is a chance for many people to set goals and make changes to improve their overall well-being. As we step forward into 2021, I am wondering if our new resolutions will be different this year with a new approach on what is really important.

I would like to encourage you to maybe look at resolutions in a different way as we take it in a new direction. We have all been through a tremendous change already, so I would invite you to give yourself credit for the deeds already done.

Recently, while chatting with a physician friend, she made the comment of how important it is to emphasize the positive from this “ever so curious year” of 2020. Give yourself credit for the things you have already accomplished. Be mindful of your daily achievements and keep up the good work!

They say don’t look back, but I am wondering  if just this once we should at least reflect back and see what we have learned during these changes. So, maybe it wasn’t in the traditional way you have done things in the past, but I imagine you tried your best. I think we can all say that we are far more adaptable and resilient than ever before. For that, give yourself credit!