Robotics Provide New Options for Colorectal Surgery

From the phones we carry in our pockets to the 70-inch televisions we mount on our walls, advancements in technology are evident all around us, including right here at CHI St. Vincent. For colorectal surgeon Dr. Lee Raley, technology comes in the form of robotics, which provide minimally invasive surgery options and faster recovery times for patients at the CHI St. Vincent Colorectal Surgery Clinic.

“It’s why the death rate for colon cancer has decreased for decades,” said Dr. Raley. “The instrument allows us to make very tiny, precise movements that we wouldn’t be able to make other ways.”

The robotic assisted surgery system at CHI St. Vincent can be used across a variety of minimally invasive procedures and has been optimized for multi-quadrant surgeries in colorectal and general surgery, as well as urology.

The surgeon controls every motion of the robotic arms, which can move and rotate in any direction, extending the range of the surgeon’s expert touch while still using laparoscopic techniques. This system allows an experienced surgeon to have more freedom of motion to perform an operation within a small space in the body.

To learn more about robotic assisted surgery and the wide range of services provided by the team of surgeons, visit the CHI St. Vincent Colorectal Surgery Clinic.