Pediatrician Jamie Irwin, DO, Offers Tips on Teaching Children Social Distancing

Social distancing can be hard for all of us, but as a parent it can be particularly hard to convince your kids to practice social distancing, especially in the summer when all they want to do is go out and play with their friends.

Pediatrician Jamie Irwin, DO says, “Children are wonderful vectors for illness, meaning that they transmit virus much better than adults do and I think that it's wise, to as adults, try to model for children and try to reinforce social distancing, encouraging use of masks in children over the age of two.  If nothing else, keep it ten kids or less and always keep teaching.”

Another issue impacted by COVID-19 is early childhood development. It is extremely important to continue to get your children's well child visits. The first two years of life are some of the most important and critical developmental time to screen for developmental delays, speech delays, developmental gross motor delays.  In short, for those early childhood visits, for the vaccines that cover 16 other childhood diseases, or for ailments that don't shy away from a visit to the doctor.

CHI St. Vincent offers several options. We have Virtual Visits available and also drive-through exams and immunizations.

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