Medical Director, Dr. William G. Jones Talks About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dr. Jones talked with KHTV about the Coronavirus. 

Things you should never forget, like the most vulnerable people are those that are older and people that have diseases of the lungs or that affect the immune system. 

We can understand the virus stalking anyone with medical complications, but why older people? 

As we get older our immune system becomes less tolerant. 

So,  the doctor says -  run errands for that older person, or do chores for seniors. 

And here it comes. The one-millionth reminder to wash hands - a cliche for most of you, but for Dr. Jones, a silver lining. If anything good comes out of the current concern that we all have about viral illnesses, it'll be a greater awareness of the need for hand hygiene. 

Again the primary symptoms of the corona virus are fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Dr. Jones told us if you feel like you're not getting better, make sure you contact your doctor, but do it by phone.

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