Healthy Diet and Excercise are the First Steps to Reducing Risk for Heart Disease

Dr. Srinivas Vengala, interventional cardiologist joined Good Morning Arkansas to talk about how a healthy lifestyle impacts risk for heart disease.

Where we sit compared to the rest of the country regarding heart disease?
That's a very important question you asked. As you know heart disease is the number one killer in the US and even in Arkansas. About seven percent of adult population in Arkansas has heart disease compared to 4.2 percent in the nation.

Why is that?
Diet and lifestyle greatly affect risk for heart disease. 

How's the treatment for heart disease changing here in this state?
Significantly. In the last decade we have seen improvements, especially at CHI St. Vincent, we have always tried to adapt the latest technology across our large network of heart specialists. Recently we have been seeing good outcomes with minimally invasive

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