Procedure to Remove Bunion has Rita Dobson Back on Her Feet in No Time

Rita Dobson had bunions and she made a mistake.

"We waited. We tried to see if I could just tolerate it," said Rita.

That wasn't  working. So, she got an appointment with Dr. Naval Patel.

Dr. Patel explained, "So, bunion deformity is malalignment of the great toe joint. this can produce the big bump and then pain and consequences. When you start having pain, you'll start limping more.  You start not wanting to be as active as you should be. Also, if she would have waited, the bunion could have gotten worse to where even hammer toe deformities could have formed, causing more surgery for other toes as well."

The PROstep™ is a minimally invasive procedure. Six weeks after she had it done, Rita was back in a regular shoe and back to doing the activities she loves. 
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