The Aboud Model Receives International Attention

As seen on KARK 4 News

Neurosurgeon Dr. Emad Aboud has developed a new training model that's getting international attention. The model, complete with fake blood, allows doctors to practice surgical procedures on cadavers.

The "Aboud Mode" works by pumping fake blood through the arteries and veins of a cadaver to simulate live surgery.

In one recent practice procedure, Dr. Aboud and his team at the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute at CHI St. Vincent, created an artificial aneurysm in an artery to train young surgeons how to properly handle them.

Neurosurgeons from around the world visit ANI every month to train using the "Aboud Model."

Dr. Aboud has patented his model, allowing residents and surgeons from all specialties to be able to train using it.