Pelvic Floor Issues Are Highly Treatable and Shouldn't Hinder Your Lifestyle

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Dr. Susan Barr and Dr. Sallie Oliphant, urogynecologists at CHI St. Vincent Urogynecology Clinic, help women face what are called pelvic floor issues, like incontinence and other complications."I think a lot of women struggle with these issues, and it's not popular to talk about," Dr. Barr said. But now, patients like Judy Trice have a new ally, "just knowing that they aren't alone and that doctors who can treat them exist, so that they have options," Barr said.

Trice was referred to Dr. Oliphant by her primary care doctor. She immediately developed trust in Dr. Oliphant. "I felt a little more comfort there and it was easier to talk with her and go through this process with a she," Trice said. Dr. Oliphant recommended a conservative treatment but after over a year of coming in every three weeks, problems persisted. Trice eventually chose surgery, "And I'm very glad I did," Trice said.

How the patient feels is what's most important in this field. "We're treating quality of life issues and so we keep working until the patient is happy," Dr. Oliphant said. And Trice is not only happy, she has even resumed her workouts, with weights. "But I did not stop lifting," Trice said. "I just made some adjustments and now I'm back full force at the gym."

That's what makes urogynecology such a rewarding field to work in. "That's one of the most rewarding things about our field," Dr. Oliphant said. "We really are impacting peoples quality of life and improving their ability to do the things they wanted to do." And Judy Trice's message to all women trying to cope with pelvic floor problems, "Stop suffering and do something about it because you can," Trice said.

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